Construction law is a specialty subspecies of contract law, except unlike a regular contract, changes (in the form of change orders) are almost unavoidable in any project. A party works in the construction industry—whether as a contractor, sub-contractor, architect, or construction manager—the success of the project relies heavily on the understanding of the rights and obligations.

CJHA is uniquely positioned, due to its past experiences, to protected and guide legal interpretations of the contracts throughout the entire construction process.

We handle many aspects of public and private construction law and litigation, including:

  • contract preparation, negotiation, and analysis
  • lien, bond, and insurance claims
  • delay, disruption, and pacing claims
  • mediation, arbitration, litigation, and appeal
  • bidding law counsel and representation
  • contract claims and defense

We work with contractors and sub-contractors, construction managers, engineers, architects, and property owners. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation regarding all aspects of a construction project.